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A leader in the academic field of Israel Studies, the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism publishes books and two journals, one in Hebrew and one in English, which are at the cutting edge in their respective fields and provide an important forum for discussion on a broad range of issues.

The Ben-Gurion Research Institute Press has been in operation since 1988 and has published more than 200 works. The Ben-Gurion Research Institute often collaborates with other academic publishers, most notably Yad Ben Zvi Publishing House. All publications contain original research hitherto unpublished and are peer reviewed.

The Ben-Gurion Research Institute produces, on average, a title a month, and between 12 to 14 books annually. Four thousand academic pages analyze in depth in multi-disciplinary fields of nearly every aspect of Israel’s unique, complex, and fascinating mosaic.

The field of publishing is undergoing rapid digital changes which in the space of a few years have revolutionized the basic patterns of reading and data-consumption. In order to maintain the book’s high academic standards, the BGI Press has not only confronted these challenges, but has also succeeded in adapting these innovations in the field of book-production and marketing. The BGI Press publishes not only in the basic hard-copy format, but also in digital format on the ‘Kotar’ website – an initiative of the Center for Educational Technology. ‘Kotar’ holds the largest virtual library for academic books and provides its subscribers with a full unlimited access to this data reserve. The variety of books from different fields and methodologies allows the subscribers to create both an individual as well as a dynamic studying environment.              



The Hebrew language Iyunim Bitkumat Israel (Studies in Israeli and Modern Jewish Society), has been published annually for the past 23 years. It provides a platform for the examination of Israeli history and society from a variety of perspectives. Notably, this journal features on the syllabi of all Israel studies courses in the country In addition to the annual volume, which contains 25 articles, Iyunim publishes thematic volumes on topics such as Zionism, the economy, gender, and controversial Zionist leaders. Future volumes will focus on Music, and Secularism versus Traditionalism in the Modern Age.

The English-language, Israel Studies, has been published by Indiana University Press since 1996 and appears three times annually. Since 2006 it has been co-sponsored by Brandeis University. Israel Studies presents multi-disciplinary scholarship on Israeli history, politics, society, and culture and has become the leading journal in the English language for this rapidly growing field of study. Israel Studies reflects the diverse interests and perspectives of those engaged in the study and teaching of Israel and features on the syllabi of Israel studies courses around the world. The journal enjoys a subscription list of over 3,000 institutions worldwide.

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Smadar Rothmann, Director, 08-6596972

Email: publish@bgu.ac.il

Address: The BGI Press, P.O.B 257 Midreshet Sde-Boker 8499000